Exclusive Content for Dummies, By Dummies

Let me start by saying I don’t know how to make money releasing online content.  I live in an apartment complex where residents can apply for government assisted rent.  I share a wall with a man who has an honest to god, clinically significant mental deficiency.  My life’s thoughts and actions have led to the same economic success as a retard’s.

Now I’ll continue by saying I don’t get the idea of one of the most fashionable ways creators try to monetize their work.  I do not get the idea of paid exclusive content on sites like Patreon because two things happen under the exclusive content configuration.  1.) Less people see a creator’s best work.  2.) The best fans pay for the creator’s worst work.  

You can tinker with the details.  If it’s paid exclusive content then either 1.) or 2.) is happening.  If it’s the latter, which is likely, the best work is cornered into always being free.  Sadly.

There is an option where the best fans pay for the best work.  But that’s called buying and selling a product, and that’s not what content is about.

Exclusive content seems more like an elaborate dance around the combination of money and art to make the exchange seem less dirty.  As soon as I get my own Patreon page up I’ll post the link.

P.S. - On Patreon a few artists pull off option 3.  Their exclusive content is layered psd’s and tutorials, and their free content is their work which advertises their digital painting skills.  They sell a teaching product.  Their monthly “support” is noticeably high compared to other internet artists.  Go commerce!

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