Don’t Say You’re Good, Say You’re in Practice

I wonder if you say you’re alright at math.  Or maybe you are great at something even better.  People have the right to feel good about themselves when they have an amazing talent.

If you do have an amazing talent you probably have more to feel good about -  the dedication to that talent.

It turns out you were right.  In first grade intro to arithmetic when you affirmed you’ll have no use for these convoluted equations, you were right.  People stick with whatever formulas or tricks are most common in their daily routines.  This biologically adaptive trait is a crafty use of energy.  The science teacher should have said something, but he was too busy with a mouthful of cookies from the bible club.

You’re alright at math because you have to be alright on, this is important, a daily basis.  You only have to be alright on a daily basis.  Professionals have to be great on a daily basis.  

When you think of your future, don’t imagine being a good whatever.  Imagine being an in practice whatever.  Being good can take years.   Being in practice can start today.