The Commodity of Success

During his 2016 presidential campaign Marco Rubio spoke of his parents’ incredible success.  With hard work and humble employment they absolutely achieved the pursuit of happiness.  It’s a point on living that’s agreeable across politics and culture - life’s dream isn’t pure money.  I fully intend to live happy whether or not I get rich.  I’ll be a model for true success.

But my hobbies bore you.  My spouse may be attractive to me but you like darker hair and a bit more muscle.  Even my city is undesirable to you.  Almost every piece of my happiness you don’t like.

Why is money the number one indicator of success?  Because the all-transferable barter system is the number one agreed upon indicator of success.  Take three people in a room and ask them to agree on what success is.  Happiness?  What is happiness?  Can we say money?  Alright sure, we’ll say that.

Popularity isn’t caused by intense desire.  Popularity is caused by commonality.  Now, if you take something with commonality and intense, intrinsic excitement you get even more popular stuff, likely about sex.  

Instead of sex, Owl Turd Comix recently ran a series of comics about the weather.  They were popular.  How could a joke based on the actual cliche for having nothing to say be so enjoyed?  It helps that Owl Turd knows how to make a good comic.  It also helps that you’ve heard of the weather.

Now I need to work on a new cartoon about my Frigo no. 1 Athletic luxury underwear.

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