Giving Trans a Good Name

Trans people, of the LGBT type, have stretched their toes into acceptance over the past half decade.  It’s not strange the acceptance is so hard fought.  Gender seems to be one of the weightier parts of identity.  A thought is gender, instead of an aspect of identity with various causes, just is.  It’s so strongly tied to identity that it’s figured a Platonic Form.

That’s a sturdy model to break down.

But could another reason the acceptance will continue to lag behind the gay and lesbian momentum be simply the label - “trans?”

I’ll go on record saying transgendered individuals will not reach near the general acceptance levels of gays until they identify with a label that is not the word trans.

Trans has too many fringe and possibly sordid associations.  Eddie Murphy.  Thailand.  Accidental pornography clicks.  The word also has an unfortunately laboratory ring to it that needs to be dropped.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to suggest a label.  I’m not trans and I hate change.  To illustrate my point though I’ll hijack another term - “gender conscious.”

Imagine a Tinder profile.  Instead of trans female, it says gender conscious female.  Trans female brings the focus to body parts.  Gender conscious female keeps the focus on an individual’s mind.  Whatever term it ends up being (there will be a new term) it will elevate the thing we think of in someone’s head above what’s below.

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