Prepping for the Boom

How you yourself achieve success by applying the information throughout this blog you’ll have to discover on your own.  But you will.

It may take years.

The ground breaker in prepping to make it is to acquire the correct frame of mind.

Don’t worry when you aren’t successful yet.  Being unsuccessful means you have not learned the skills necessary to be successful.  If you suddenly found yourself up top you would quickly lose the success.  Most of success is maintaining success.

Probability says you don’t have a vision of the next Uber or even something of unique value to add to the world.  But that’s alright.  In fact it’s great because having something unique isn’t a necessary component.  And once you are successful you’ll have more leverage to find out if you do have something unique to give to the world.  People surprise themselves.

So now, what’s the correct frame of mind to have while fully chasing success?  Being OK dying and not achieving it.