What’s in Cool

Deconstructing cool is like analyzing comedy.  Explaining why something is cool ruins the whole thing.  Is that true?  Let’s find out …

Rollerblades.  Yes, they’re extremely cool.  But why?

First, some may call out the speed.  Things that are fast spin heads and excite. Second, you might bring attention to the having of the wheels on the feet.  Putting a wheel onto something will garner a positive reaction.

But, the alert will make mention of the changes effected to the human gait.  Rollerblades turn a lumbering bobble into a glide.  This glide, people, is cool.  The unnaturalness pulls at the eyes.  The sight of a gliding human is indeed a curiosity, and once a glide captures the attention of an observer it further stirs their imagination.  Glides are ethereal, spectral, delicate, graceful, and ghastly.  They hint at the life of gods and the death of men and our beliefs in between.

When you see a rollerblader this is why you think they are cool.  The question now is does knowing make it any less so? 

With that glide ... I don't think so.

Ken K