The Danger of People Liking Your Hat

I’ve thrown my hat into all types of rings.  Usually the response is, “Hey, that hat’s fuckin stupid!  Get it out of here!”  

While other people I’ve seen have good success with what appears to be their first time throwing a hat into anything.  They give some little hat toss a go, and then fuck me, the hat is adored.  By many.  It is adored then even adorned, by many.  Many will display their adoration by buying and wearing another fucking hat decorated with a simplified picture of the original fucking hat embroidered above the bill.

Is this dickshit hat tosser just that dickshittin’ lucky?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  But please, you rest your own dickshitter easy.  That hot handed hat tosser will get their own.  Why?  Because having so many embrace a first attempt comes with a great danger.

It is a great, great danger.  The danger is you are now under the impression that you can make good decisions.  Even worse, you are under the impression that good decisions come to you naturally.  Think of one person you really know that naturally makes good decisions.

It’s not that what you stumbled into isn’t real.  You’ve made a true connection with all those hat shoppers.  They’re happy buyers now.  But what are your plans for the next year’s hat?  What exciting new head wear are you hiding up your saggy sleeves?  Don’t worry.  You naturally know what people like, right?  Use your protagonistically creative gumption and pull something out of your ass.

There is a chance the coin will land on tails this time.  If it does you’ll be confused.  You’ll be hurt and angry and likely to increase the pool of people you consider stupid.  Frustration can be your new aura.  

I believe the mistake is in thinking “you” is ever a relevant factor in the success.  To be clearer; if you cannot explain to someone else the relevant factors that made an attempt successful, in a way where another person besides you could make a similar attempt, then you don’t understand what happened.  At all.  Thinking you have a natural ability to make good decisions will be a ditch of hurt, eventually.

Ken K