Feeling Good About Decisions

I do a lot of window shopping.  Most of it is done when I’m trying to think of creative ideas.  Or, lately, when I’m thinking over the decision to never make another webcomic again (at least for the time being).  I’ll get more into why someone would never make another webcomic again (at least for the time being) in a different blog.

Now, back to shopping.  Expensive things are a great option to window shop.  Even refrigerators get interesting once they’re priced into a certain range.  But, another option is to window shop items you already own or recently purchased.  Ones that you have no intention of replacing.

Doing this reminds me of the excellent buying decisions I’ve previously made and so acts as a small confidence booster.  This boost is helpful if you ever have an important decision to make.  You might not believe it, but confirming you know how to buy a new shampoo you wouldn’t trade out will make you happier and more comfortable when deciding to take a new job.  You get to ease yourself into the decision pool in a pleasant way.

We feel good about decisions when, get this, we feel good about them.  It doesn’t matter where the feeling comes from. 

Ken K