The Cheese Stick Phenomenon, Part 2

Dan was my college roommate’s father.  Dan was the sole reason mozzarella sticks blew the hell up in the mid 1990s.  We continue this story after Part 1 ...

Dan divulged he goofed off, above all, the years before his wholesaling pursuits.  Nearly one entire summer was spent trying to get the same girl to do it with him on a jet ski.  She never did.  She would do it everywhere else, but not ... on ... the jet ski.

A small, but important, break came around a year and a half after he got serious about packaged snacks.  He landed a trial placement with a small chain of grocery and beer houses he secured through his connections at the equipment plant.  A food product he developed would make it into the wild and be offered to the market for their judgement.  How exciting!

It was a sweet treat called Apple Puffs and they didn’t sell.

They didn’t sell at all.  When things don’t work smart people try to figure out why.  Unfortunately, cause and effect is ours as humans’ Achilles’ heel.  If anyone ever claimed the ability to predict what will sell Dan would claim right back they must not work in sales.  If they did work in sales Dan would verify them as being either the richest person on earth or the humblest one on the planet.

Dan tried to break apart the problem.  Apple Puffs tasted good.  The name was great.  The price was right.  The packaging was professional and unique.

The packaging was professional and unique.  Hmm …

... continued in Part 3