When the Homeless Get Nothing From Me

How will I deal with charity once I have more money than I can spend?  Sacrifices should be smart.  Before I figure it out here’s a list of times I’ve given a big hard no to the wretched.

  1. I said no to a couple while pumping gas with one hand and holding a candy bar two inches from my face with the other.
  2. I said no to a girl with scabs who asked for five dollars for food.  I said I didn’t have it.  She got up on me, rubbed my hip, then whispered in my ear “Only five dollars … get it?”  Like George Costanza, I felt it move.  I still said no though.
  3. On the sidewalk one night, buried in my phone, a homeless man jumped into my peripheral.  He noticed my surprise and yelled schizophrenic laced claims of doing nothing wrong.  I said I was only startled.  “I didn’t start nothing!” he yelled.  “Yeah, you didn’t start anything, I was just startled,” I said.  “I didn’t start nothin’, you and your kids (I don’t have any kids) started it!” he yelled.  “No no ... no one started it ... I was startled,” I said.  This was the dumbest interaction I’ve ever been in.  I finally said he started it and ran away.  I think this counts for the list.
  4. This one doesn’t count for the list, but it’s something I regret.  At a motel in Alabama a man in the lobby asked if I wanted a girl.  I said no thank you.  He said he had white girls too if that was the issue.  I made a noise that meant that wasn’t the issue and I appreciate the offer but am still going to decline.  He asked if I was gay.  I made a noise that meant I don’t think so.  
  5. A man said he had a question and began crying.  I asked him to stop and cut to the chase.  He didn’t so I impatiently turned around and walked away.
  6. While parked in my car at night a hand knocks on my window.  I reactively brush away the shadowy figure.  As they walk away I can tell it’s a girl about my age.  I roll down the window, call her back, and ask if she needs something.  Gas money for her and her transient boyfriend she says.  Oh, nevermind I say, and roll up the window.

The next one brings up a political issue, but don’t worry I’ll brush that aside as soon as you see it.

While working inside a buy here pay here car lot in poor, small town America a man with a fully bandaged arm scoots up on a Rascal.  He had rascal’d his way for two miles he said.  The bandage was from dropping his arm in a deep fryer.  The two mile scooter trip was because his live in girlfriend left him and took the car in the middle of the night.  Her and her daughter also stole his belongings to fund their new life without him.

During the couple’s better days they had bought the car she ran out in from us.  Now he needed a new one.  But he had ZERO money.

This man needed a $1,500 dollar favor and he didn’t get it.  Here’s the political part.  Call me wrong, call me right.  At least we all agree I was an idiot above when I didn’t say to the man in the Alabama motel “What if I got a black girl AND a white girl?”  Attacking or defending the details can’t change that it’s a situation with difficult emotions.

Six months later I read in the paper that the man had died.  He was scootering down the street and a piano fell on his head.  That part’s a joke.  It was probably a medical condition. 

Ken K