Fouke gets Comixologied, and a Review

My horror comic Fouke got released on Comixology this week.  I've noticed now the cover pops up along side more mainstream titles (Batgirl, Cable, etc.) within the Comixology display ads I get served across various websites.  I didn't know Amazon could dynamically customize the content of ads based on cookies.  They can do this, yet twice I've gone to Whole Foods in the evening for dinner and the hot food section had ONLY breakfast items.  Try dynamically serving fish or chicken instead of pancakes when it's 8:30PM, Amazon.

Also, Fouke got reviewed over at Geekery Magazine.  I like the review.  I've been thinking about reviewing the reviews as a news feature.  I'll give this one a 4.9 out of 5 because Lucas misspelled my name once in it.  I'm certain it's just a typo though.  The review shows some, what I think, is good thought on the book.  Thanks Geekery!

Ken K