Ken Kaniel Tells You His Strategy for Selling Tons of Comics

Making something meaningful has two phases.  First you shape it into being.  Then you sell it into better groceries and a new house.  A honest, profitable sale isn’t the only signal that your work has impact beyond its parts, but it’s a strong signal.  For sure.

You can think of amazing artists on Instagram.  They’re thriving in the first phase.  I see tons of good stuff daily.

But in the second phase they’ll put up some prints and get oddly bashful.  If you want people to be entertained by your work so much that they’ll spend money you need to get your own brain on that train.

How do you change your mindset for the second phase, when it’s so different from the first?  You change your body.

I’m telling you now my ENTIRE plan to sell my new horror comic Fouke (out now) is to take testosterone boosters and see what happens.

I’ve already started and they’re already working.  I could tell when during a trip to the grocery store I noticed there were tons of attractive people shopping.  Way more than usual.  

If you’re ever grocery shopping in Dallas and see a horned up man screaming at people about comics in the middle of self-checkout, stop by.  Shake hands.  Buy a comic.

Ken K