How to sell your art when you think it sucks

How do you feel about your art?  I’m not asking in general. In this exact moment how do you feel about it?

Can you remember any time this past week when you felt it was a lot better or a lot worse?  

Usually, when I make something, I love it when I make it - hate it a couple days later - then flip flop around on any random day.  Sometimes I hate when I make it - then love it - then flip flop.

Also I’ve figured out there’s no correlation between how I feel about something and how others will react.  How could there be when I don’t stay consistent?

If you can’t promote your work because of momentary feelings you’re judging people and being self important.

If you always think your work is amazing you’re never going to get better.  Like Owl Turd Comix.

You need to talk up your work as amazing even if you’re not 100% feeling it while not being so crazy delusional you think it is always amazing.

The solution I use is to put more work than I’m capable of into the making of whatever I want to sell.  If you put more work than you’re capable of into something you’ll feel the proper backing to promote it with full force.  Even if in the moment you’re ripping it apart in your head to prepare for the next project.

Ken K