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Your chances of sex with Nicki Minaj

Playing Youtube rap videos as background music while working from home is a terrible idea.  The mind wanders, from the task at hand, to the video girls ... and a new, bigger, task at hand.  Stuck alone at work you may come to a depressing realization - you don’t have a shot in hell at ever having sex with a woman like Nicki Minaj.  (I know you’re not a video girl, Nicki.)

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Giving Trans a Good Name

Trans people, of the LGBT type, have stretched their toes into acceptance over the past half decade.  It’s not strange the acceptance is so hard fought.  Gender seems to be one of the weightier parts of identity.  A thought is gender, instead of an aspect of identity with various causes, just is.  It’s so strongly tied to identity that it’s figured a Platonic Form.

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The Most You Know

A muscle the size of an apple suddenly becoming still can evaporate every single thing.   Sometimes I’ll think how the whole wide world could end over something as trivial as my heart stopping to beat.  As I imagine sinking towards the ground before my vision disappears my perspective seems dinky.

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